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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

reconciliation means to me 006

Dear friends, 

During these times, we are surrounded with voices of separation and violence*. Just because we hear them, it doesn't mean that we are not affected by them. And we are pushed into taking a stance. In one of our chapters in the Curriculum, we talk about conflict and we conclude that it is an inevitable part of life. Conflict can be at work, with friends, family and neighbours. Moreover, within our context, we are reminded that we, Palestinians and Israelis, are in a complicated and vicious conflict. Our peoples are suffering and hurting. Consequently, we put our relationships with the other side in question, and we doubt the possibility of peace. We feel rather small and insignificant to the larger voices around us. 

However, I don't believe we, Palestinians and Israelis, are destined to war. And as a result I ask myself, is my voice being heard? I don't want to throw slogans and political positions to my other. I think it is a time to challenge those around me. I think it is a time to challenge myself to see the way God sees me and my enemy . I think it is a time to challenge myself to see what opportunities lay in front of me, and how I can call you to join me.  

Shadia Qubti

*(Some of these voices have been used as a background for the picture above)

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